Cisco catalyst 2960s switches – Benefits

Cisco catalyst 2960s are considered the benchmark for IT solutions due to the reliability, security, performance and easy configuration features. There are two major brands – Catalyst and ISC – which manufacture various switches. Cisco itself was not always a manufacturer of high-end networking equipment, but over the years, they have developed a reputation for quality products and service, which have helped their brand name to become the go to brand for network equipment.More tips here: WS-C2960S-24PS-L Cisco 2960S Gigabit PoE Switch 24 Port

Catalyst is the company name for a range of high-quality network switches and other networking devices sold by Cisco Systems. While commonly associated with LAN switches, some other different networking interfaces have also been released over the years. For example, there is an ISC switch called ISC 9000 which supports many of the same features as the Cisco catalyst 2960s. Many ISC switches can also be configured in Cisco’s proprietary EoIP platform, allowing for the integration of routing, forwarding, and other functions from multiple devices. These switches also include the “Cisco Card” which acts like a mini card that plugs into a USB port, making it easy to connect from any computer with a USB cable.

ISC 9000 switches are usually more expensive than the other types of Cisco catalyst 2960s, but the price difference is often very small when comparing the features that are included. Most people who use ISC switches will use them only as an addition to an existing network, and would be willing to pay the extra cost to achieve more features. The ISC switches are typically used as backup solutions, where the main network can fail, but it is assumed that the network will continue to function. Many ISC switches do not feature any form of hardware security such as IP firewalls, and as such are considered less secure than their Cisco counterparts.